Solidarity Update: Devastating cuts to Laurentian Announced

WLUFA is appalled by the recent devastating cuts initiated by Laurentian University’s administration, which include the laying off of 80 to 100 professors and the elimination of 58 undergraduate and 11 graduate programs.

This is in addition to the earlier announcement from Laurentian that it was unilaterally severing its federation agreements with three institutions,  Université de Sudbury, Huntington University, and Thornloe University.

Many of the programs cut were Francophone. In addition, the cuts come to many important and specialized programs, which include Labour Studies, Midwifery, Women and Gender Studies, Environmental Science and many others (click here for a full list).

The Ontario government’s continued inaction with regard to the province’s only university with a bilingual and tri-cultural mandate is inexcusable. There has been no effort on part of the provincial government to develop a funding strategy that reverses the chronic underfunding of not only the entire Post Secondary Education sector, but also specifically Laurentian University.

The Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) has called for the Ontario Government to step in and fund Laurentian University, as well as for the resignation of Minister of Colleges and Universities Ross Romano amid the ongoing crisis, a crisis which precipitated directly due to an unprecedented disengagement and lack of accountability from Romano and the Ontario government.

WLUFA echoes the call from OCUFA. The entire Post Secondary Education system in Ontario is on the brink due to lack of support from the Government, and it is time for accountability, transparency, and collaboration with Ontarians as a whole, the entire Post Secondary Education sector, and most urgently the Laurentian community.

For more information on the campaign and how to get involved, visit

For more information on what is happening, visit OCUFA‘s website.

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