Note about Syllabi

CAS Members are not required to submit their course outlines prior to the first week of classes (Art. 16.1.2(c) of the CAS Collective Agreement). The parties agreed to the submission of the course outlines as a pdf file to allow departmental administrative assistants to directly load the files to their web pages, thereby eliminating any formatting problems. Having said that, departments may request the course outlines before the first week of classes and CAS Members may agree to provide them early, but they cannot be forced to comply with the request. Note that department policies cannot over-ride provisions of the Collective Agreement.

16.1.2 The duties and responsibilities of Part-time Contract Academic Staff are:

(c) to provide students with a course outline during the first week of classes, with an electronic copy in Portable Document Format (pdf) to the Chair or Dean as appropriate.

The outline shall include at least the following information:

(i) the name, office address, office telephone number, and weekly office hours of the Member;

(ii) the subject matter to be explored in the course;

(iii) textbook and course material requirements;

(iv) a list of all required assignments and examinations, and the relative weight of assignments and examinations in the final assessment of student performance;

A CAS Member may consult with the class about office hours, subject matter of the course and assignments, examinations and their weighting, and provide the class and the
Chair or Dean copies of the course outline following this consultation;

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