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This information is for Contract Academic Faculty (CTF), to assist in understanding the terms and conditions of employment as set out in the CTF Collective Agreement:

Pamphlet for Part-time Candidates

The general terms and conditions of employment for Members of the part-time bargaining unit are subject to the current Collective Agreement for September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2022.   Under its provisions, the Employer is required to include a copy of the Collective Agreement with the initial letter of appointment. In the interim the complete text is available by clicking here.

Members who wish to submit an application for courses before they are posted shall submit this form electronically by April 15, 23:59 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) for each faculty/department/program in which they wish to be considered. Members having submitted an application to be included on the roster shall be deemed to have applied for appointments as they become available, and they do not have to submit additional applications when positions are posted.

Applicants who are new to the CTF bargaining unit and whose initial appointment with the university as a Limited Term Appointment under the full-time collective agreement, shall also complete this form.

As per Article, an applicant who wishes to have seniority earned for courses taught while employed in the full-time bargaining unit considered for courses in the CTF bargaining unit, they must submit to PTAC, copied to Faculty Relations, a CTF Roster Form listing those courses.​

The roster application form can be found on Connect.

Article 28.8: Professional Development Fund

Maximum grant of $2,000, per Member per academic year, will be available to assist with the cost of scholarship, research, pedagogical development and creative activities related to a Member’s responsibilities under Article 16 or 17, as appropriate.

Funds will be available for expenses including, but not limited to, travel to scholarly or pedagogical conferences, for the employment of research assistants, and for other costs directly related to a Member’s duties under Article 16 or 17, as appropriate.

Members must ensure any research conducted within Laurier’s jurisdiction or under Laurier’s auspices involving human participants, animals, and biohazardous or radioactive materials is reviewed and approved by the appropriate board or committee in accordance with Laurier policies and procedures relating to research ethics and compliance prior to commencement.  More information on Laurier’s Research Ethics and Compliance procedures can be found on Connect.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding Research Ethics Board approval, please contact

  1. ​Member must be teaching during the academic year in which they apply (academic year is Sept. 1 to Aug. 31).
  2. Members apply electronically to and copy department chair and dean or university librarian, as appropriate.
  3. Any use of professional development funds shall be concluded on or before Aug. 31 of the academic year.
  4. Volume of requests is high; fund may be depleted prior to Aug. 31.

The application form and further information is available on Connect

You must submit a request for payment to the appropriate Dean’s Office within 90 days of the submission of grades/reassessment/final practicum session.

The payment request form is available on Connect.

PER is authorized for the purchase of items related to the performance of the Member’s teaching or librarian duties.  These expenditures include, but are not limited to, the purchase of books, subscriptions, memberships in academic and professional associations related to a Member’s employment at the University, equipment and supplies, and travel expenses related to academic and professional development.

PER is administered by your Faculty Dean’s office.

The Contract Faculty Century Club honours Contract Faculty members who have taught 100+ courses at Laurier. WLUFA recognizes members at our Spring Social. 

2015-2016 – Allan Benson, Marinel Mandres, Keith Masterman, Deborah Glebe, Carl Simpson, Gregory Clark, Amali Phillips, Tyler Wunder, Terry Kroetsch, Allan Marshall, Michael Manely 

2017 – Angela Trimarchi, Kathy Foxall, Helen Ramirez, Elin Edwards

2018 – Ann Baranowski, Kimberly Ellis-Hale, Peter Lade

2019 – Kristin Lord, Stephanie Mara

2020 – Theresa Romkey, Christopher Maziarz

2021 – Rosario Ardon, Debra Nash-Chambers, Carol Bauman, Lorraine Vander Hoef, Michele Kramer, David Oliver, Chris Klassen, Cam McKittrick,


Jonathan Haxell – 2014

Jason Sager – 21015

David Olivier – 2016

Jim Gerlach and Kimberly Ellis-Hale – 2017

Michele Kramer – 2018

Anne-Marie Allison – 2020

Chris Klassen and Chad Hillier – 2021


The Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association (WLUFA) is committed to fostering equity for members of marginalized groups by providing leadership that opposes systemic discrimination, removes barriers, and encourages inclusivity.

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