Starting Salary:

The structure of Compensation is set out in Article 30 of the Collective Agreement. The tables in Article 30.4 sets out the floors for each rank of faculty and librarians as they will stand on July 1 of each year of the current contract. The Reference Salary offered to you must be at least the floor of the rank as of July 1 of the contract year in which your appointment begins. There is not a salary grid at Laurier, and therefore the floors only establish a minimum. Negotiated starting salaries are usually above the annual floor for the rank. If you currently hold a Limited Term Appointment at Laurier and have been offered a tenure-track position you must, as a minimum, receive your previous Reference Salary plus adjustments in compensation as laid out in Articles 30.1.3, 30.3, 30.5. You may, however, choose to re-negotiate your initial Reference Salary at this point. WLUFA can provide some advice on comparative salaries.

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