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Part-time Collective Agreement, September 1, 2013-August 31, 2016, Memorandum of Understanding

Two-year Renewable Appointments FAQ


What is a CAS Standing Appointment?

What are the eligibility requirements?

 Why didn’t I get notification that I’m eligible?

Should I apply to the Roster if I’m applying for a Standing Appointment?

If I am eligible and I apply for a Standing Appointment will I automatically get one?

Can someone with a Standing Appointment who doesn’t have seniority in a course I teach and have seniority in take over that course?

What happens if I have seniority in a course and a person with a Standing Appointment also has seniority in the same course? Who will teach it?

What if I teach courses in more than one department or program? Where do I send my application?

What should I submit with my application?

If I have a Standing Appointment for, say, four courses, can I teach more courses here or at another university?

Can my Standing Appointment be cancelled?

What if I have a Standing Appointment and I am offered a Limited Term Appointment? If I take the LTA will I lose my Standing Appointment?

When do I need to give a copy of my course outline to the Chair or Dean?

Where can I find the webpage for the WLUFA Seniority listing ?

What is the difference between Bargaining Unit membership and Association Membership?

What does my doctor need to know about my job?

Where can I find information for Retirees?

Where do I find more information about Health and Safety issues?

Does WLUFA advise members on how to prepare for tenure?

As a faculty member are there any discounts or savings that I am entitled to?


Please forward any questions or comments to the WLUFA office.

For questions or concerns about your pension and benefits, including retirement services, please visit the WLU Human Resources website.

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