Assessment Process for Seniority Status

Documentation Notice to Member: Sept. 25th, Jan. 25th & May 25th

Member’s Submission to PTAC: Oct. 5th, Feb. 5th & June 5th


Part-time Collective Agreement: Article

On or before the date specified in of the academic term in which the Member is
to be considered under, the Department Chair or equivalent shall inform the Member of
the evaluation by the Part-time Appointment Committee and shall invite the Member to submit a
curriculum vitae, course outlines and other teaching-relatedmaterials, such as a teaching dossier,
and other documentation, that the Member wishes to submit. The Member shall supply PTAC
with the requested materials and other documentation on or before the date specified in If the Member does not respond to the request from PTAC, the evaluation shall be
based solely on the Member’s Official File.

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