Assessment Process for Seniority Status – PTAC Evaluation: Oct. 25th, Feb. 25th, June 25th

Assessment Process for Seniority Status and Meeting with the Dean – PTAC recommendation to Dean and Member: Oct. 30th, Feb. 28th, June 30th

Meeting with the Dean – Report to Member and PTAC: Nov. 30th, Mar. 30th, July 30th

Part-time Collective Agreement: Article

The PTAC evaluation, held on or before the date specified in, shall be based
solely on the information supplied by the Member and the Member’s Official File. Under the
criteria set out in 13.5.1, the Part-Time Appointment Committee shall recommend to the Dean,
copied to the Member, that:
(a)     the Member be granted seniority status, or
(b)     the Dean meet with the Member to discuss performance under Article 16, or
(c)     a Professional Development Evaluation be conducted in accordance with Article 19.5.

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