FTCA Art.15.6.6 Tenure & Promotion, Promotion to Professor Dates

For all of our Members who are pre-tenure or pre-continuing appointment and those who wish to apply for promotion to Candidacy, Associate or Full Professor, please read this as there is new language in the Collective Agreement that you need to be aware of.  If you have any questions please contact the WLUFA office.


Here’s the new table of dates.



Tenure & Promotion * Promotion to Professor
Member informs Chair of his/her intent to apply June 1 June 1
Member’s list of referees in accordance to 15.4.6, for Tenure and Promotion,  or 15.4.7, for Promotion to Professor July 1 July 1
Chair confirms availability of referees August 1 November 1
Member’s Application August 15 November 1
Department Committee recommendation to Senate Committee October 15 March 15
Senate Committee to faculty member November 15 May 15
Senate Committee to President November 15 May 15
Board decision December 15 June 1
* refers to promotion for Lecturer to Assistant, and from Assistant to Associate Professor.


For Members who are currently in Provisional Appointments, you can choose whether you want to apply for Candidacy in your second year (two-year provisional appointment) or in your third year (three-year provisional appointment). In either case, you inform your Chair by June 15th this year or June 1st starting next year. The deadline for applications is November 15th.


For current Members who are applying for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor, this year the process will be as outlined in the old Collective Agreement, but you have to inform your Chair that you are applying by June 15th.  Starting in 2016, you can choose whether you want to use external referees. If you do, you have to inform your Chair that you are applying and will be using external referees. You have to follow all of the deadlines in the table. If you choose not to use external referees, you still inform your Chair of your intent to apply by June 1st, and the deadline to apply would be August 15th.


For Members applying for promotion to full Professor, for this year the timelines in the old Collective Agreement will be used, other than you have to inform the Chair by June 15th that you intend to apply for promotion. Starting next year, the timelines in the new CA will be used.




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