FTCA Article 14.8.2 LAP Committee

14.8.2 The LAP Committee shall assess and recommend applicants for Provisional, Candidacy, Continuing, Limited Term, Joint or Cross Appointments and Department Head Appointments and their renewal under 21.6, including applications for Joint or Cross Appointments, and candidates for promotion in rank in the University Library. The Committee shall adhere to the procedures set out in 14.9 and 16.5, and to the principles and procedures on Employment Equity in Article 22.
(a) In fulfilling these responsibilities, the LAP Committee shall follow the voting procedures below:
• all members present at the meeting shall vote on any recommendation;
• all voters shall vote yea or nay;
• a secret ballot shall be used;
• the recommendation shall be framed in the affirmative;
• the Committee’s recommendation shall be determined by a simple majority vote, and failure to obtain a majority on any motion results in the defeat of the motion;
• the ballots shall be the official record of the vote and shall not be destroyed until a final decision is made.
(b) In matters not set out in this Agreement, the Committee shall determine its own procedures, and these procedures along with a list of Committee members shall be communicated in writing to the University Librarian and the Association by September 15 of each year.

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