FTCA Article 22.6 Employment Equity Workshop & Reports

22.6 Employment Equity Workshop and Information:
22.6.1 Before October 15 of each academic year, the University, in consultation with the Association, shall provide an Employment Equity Workshop for chairs or designates of Appointment and Promotion Committees, and for Members who are designated to serve on Appointment and Promotion Committees or on the Senate Promotion and Tenure Committee under the provisions of this Article 22.
22.6.2 The University shall provide the following information to the Association:
(a) by September 30th of each academic year, the reports listed in 22.3.2;
(b) the reports of the Employment Equity Coordinator relating to Members;
(c) the reports which the University submits to the federal government under the Federal Contractors Program and Employment Equity Regulations when those reports are submitted.

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