CAS Academic and Community Service Award for Full and Part Time Students


These awards were created by Wilfrid Laurier University and WLUFA, on behalf of the Contract Academic Staff (CAS), to recognize outstanding undergraduate students who combine good academic achievement with volunteer work in the local community.  Click here to see the Description of Endowment and Eligibility for Awards from the Statement of Understanding Nov. 25, 2008.

StudentProgram of StudyYear of StudyAcademic Year
Sarah BorgesHonours Contemporary Studies/BEd (Laurier Brantford)42009/2010
Laura GilbertHonours Music: Music Education (Faculty of Music)32009/2010
Jessica MatsonHonours Leadership (Laurier Brantford)42009/2010
Siraj MithoowaniHonours Chemistry (Faculty of Science)32009/2010
Claire Watton2010/2011
Robin CrockerHonours Contemporary Studies22011/2012
Luke DreyerHonours Criminology with General Contemporary Studies32011/2012
Ryan NeufeldHonours Psychology: Research Specialist42011/2012
Chadwick PoonHonours Business Administration (Co-op)22011/2012
Dorothy VuHonours Contemporary Studies and English52011/2012
Karen BlumenstockHonours Music: Therapy Stream22012/2013
Christina DemeterHonours Contemporary Studies/BEd Primary (Br)42012/2013
Benjamin GuestHonours Health St with Gen Cont St (Brant)42012/2013
Robyn HobbsHonours Environmental St. with Admin Option42012/2013
Justin MorrisHonours Psychology: Comprehensive (BSc)32012/2013


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