CAS Award

The WLUFA CAS Award was created to recognize the exemplary contributions a Member of the Contract Academic Staff Bargaining Unit has made to the Association. The recipient’s contributions may come in the form of participation on WLUFA committees, representing CAS on University or external committees, or work within a department or program which strengthens the rights of CAS Members. The Award acknowledges the risks to job security that CAS Members may take when they challenge the precarious conditions under which they and their colleagues must work. This Award is given in gratitude for the work of a CAS Member who has demonstrated commitment to improving the working conditions of other CAS.

To determine the recipient of the Award, the WLUFA Executive Committee will seek nominations from Association members, the various WLUFA committees, including, but not limited to, standing and select committees, and WLUFA representatives on multilateral and bilateral University committees and external committees. Nominators will be asked to submit a brief overview of the contributions of the nominee. Nominations must be received by the Executive Committee by March 1. If a CAS member of the Executive Committee is nominated, he/she will recuse him/herself from deliberations for the Award. The recipient of the Award must be determined by March 31 and the Award will be presented at the annual WLUFA Spring Social event.

The recipient will receive a monetary award of $500 and his/her name will be engraved on a plaque to be displayed in the WLUFA office. The WLUFA CAS Award is intended to acknowledge the efforts and dedication to justice of the winner of the Award. An individual is eligible to win the award only once every five years.


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