OCUFA Teaching and Librarianship Award


The Ontario Confederation of Faculty Associations (OCUFA) represents 17,000 university faculty and academic librarians across Ontario. It has been providing teaching and librarianship awards since 1973.

2014 Dr. Donna Kotsopoulos Faculty of Education
2014 Dr. Edmund PriesFaculty of Arts (Global Studies)
2012Dr. Stephen MacNeilFaculty of Science (Chemistry)
2012Dr. Eileen WoodFaculty of Science (Psychology)
2006Dr. Carol DuncanFaculty of Arts (Religion and Culture)
2001Dr. Anne WesthuesFaculty of Social Work
1997Dr. Martha Keniston LaurenceFaculty of Social Work
1995Dr. Rosemary FischerFaculty of Music
1993Dr. John Redekop Faculty of Arts (Political Science)
1978Dr. Ervin ZentnerFaculty of Social Work

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