WLUFA President – Job Description

The following is a list of activities performed by the President of WLUFA in no particular order of importance.
• Attend CAUT President’s forum – Friday to Sunday noon in February in Ottawa
• Chair meetings of the Association
• Chair meetings of WLUFA Executive
• Meet with university President and VP: Academic about once per month for lunch meeting to address issues of concern for both parties
• Act as spokesperson for WLUFA for university and other press outlets
• Act as ‘go-to’ person for faculty at WLU – and respond to phone calls and e-mails for requests for assistance and/or information
• Attend meetings with members individually or in groups to address issues/concerns and to clarify interpretation of Collective Agreements
• Supervise Executive Director of WLUFA (other staff are supervised by Executive Director)
• Evaluate performance of Executive Director annually
• Meet with WLUFA staff on a regular basis
• Review WLUFA policies and procedures
• Review WLUFA expenditures against budget
• Sign WLUFA cheques and meet with bank officials to sign documents on behalf of WLUFA
• Host official WLUFA functions (e.g., Wine and Cheese, Seasonal Dinner, Kids’ Party)
• Review and sign all Letters of Understanding
• Work with negotiating team on Collective Agreements for full-time and CAS bargaining units
• Discuss issues of concern with WLUFA lawyers to seek legal advice
• Identify and recommend members for committees to Executive: CAUT Council Delegates, OCUFA Board Members, Defense Fund Trustees, WLU Board Pension Committee, and other committees that arise from the Collective Agreements
• Undertake action items arising from WLUFA Executive meetings
• Represent WLUFA at official social functions

Below are functions that the WLUFA President may perform or may delegate to another Executive Committee member.

• Attend CAUT Council as WLUFA Delegate – Two weekend meetings (Friday to noon on Sunday) per year (November and April) in Ottawa
• Attend OCUFA meetings as WLUFA Board Member. Three weekend meetings per year: February, June and October in Toronto.
• Review applications for WLUFA student scholarships and bursaries and make recommendations to WLUFA Executive
• Act as WLU representative on Awards Committee of WLU Alumni Association
• Attend WLU Alumni Association Dinner at which annual awards are presented

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