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Glenda Wall and Paul Pulford receive Laurier Faculty Award for Service Excellence and Community Engagement

June 13th, 2017

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Glenda Wall, an associate professor in Laurier’s Department of Sociology, and Paul Pulford, a professor in Laurier’s Faculty of Music, are the recipients of Laurier’s 2017 Faculty Award for Service Excellence and Community Engagement. The award recognizes full-time faculty and librarians who, in addition to teaching and scholarship, provide exceptional service leadership.

“I am pleased to recognize two deserving members of the Laurier community for their dedication, leadership and commitment to the university,” said Paul Jessop, acting vice-president: Academic at Laurier. “Congratulations to Glenda and Paul for their important service contributions.”

Wall’s service leadership is exemplified by her long-standing commitment to the Department of Sociology’s faculty, students and programming.

Early in her academic career in 2004, Wall volunteered to chair Sociology, leading it through its first year as a stand-alone department. In 2007, she spearheaded the creation of Laurier’s Master of Arts program in Sociology, and more recently helped develop Laurier’s Applied Social Research Option. Wall chaired the department until 2008, providing ongoing support and mentorship to subsequent chairs.

Outside of Sociology, Wall has contributed to various faculty and university committees, including Senate and Wilfrid Laurier University’s Faculty Association. While she was serving as the Women’s Faculty Colleague on Laurier’s Waterloo campus, Wall helped establish a similar position on the Brantford campus. Throughout her academic and administrative responsibilities, Wall remained dedicated to student success, serving as Sociology’s undergraduate academic advisor for five years, and providing academic mentorship to students as a Laurier Arts Scholar.

Outside of Laurier, Wall is a consulting editor for the Canadian Review of Sociology, and has served as the director of the board for Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region.

“I think it is wonderful that Laurier recognizes service and involvement in the university community and beyond,” says Wall. “I am honoured to have been nominated and chosen for this award and to be among the many faculty and staff who contribute so much of their time and energy to building the sense of community that Laurier is known for.”

Pulford has helped enrich the musical life of the Laurier community and beyond since he joined the university in 1989. A professor in the Faculty of Music, he has been a key figure in the development of the WLU Symphony Orchestra and has been the supervisor of master’s students.

“Laurier is the kind of place where people, not just faculty but staff and students too, go the extra mile,” says Pulford. “For me, service is a function of a creative and engaging environment. I’ve been able to participate in so many exceptional opportunities that look like service from the outside, but are the fulfillment of these opportunities on the inside.”

Pulford has been the director of orchestral studies and was the conductor of the K-W Youth Orchestra from 2005 to 2012, where he mentored young musicians who have gone on to study music at the university level, successfully audition for the National Youth Orchestra, and win prestigious awards. In 2007, he was honoured with the Kitchener-Waterloo Arts Award for his contribution to the community as a conductor.

“I share this award with my colleagues, both at Laurier and in the community at large, and most especially with my students, who are a constant inspiration,” says Pulford.

Over the years, Pulford has sat on Faculty of Music and university-wide committees. He served as associate dean in the faculty from 2007 to 2010, and again from 2015 to present. In this role, he has been responsible for, among other things, student recruitment, developing and maintaining community partnerships, and sitting on the Laurier International Liaison Committee. In 2015, Pulford played a key role in integrating the Beckett School, a community-based music school, into the university community.

The Award for Service Excellence and Community Engagement will be presented during the spring 2017 convocation ceremonies:

  • June 13, 9:30 a.m.: Glenda Wall, associate professor in Laurier’s Department of Sociology
  • June 15, 2 p.m.: Paul Pulford, professor in Laurier’s Faculty of Music

Congratulations to the recipients of Laurier’s 2017 Awards for Teaching Excellence!

May 5th, 2017

Early Career Excellence

Richelle Monaghan, Department of Health Studies (Public Health) and Biology


Sustained Excellence

Tristan Long, associate professor, Department of Biology and Debra Nash-Chambers, Faculty of Arts, Liberal Arts, and Human and Social Sciences (CF)


Innovation in Teaching

Shoshana Pollack, professor, Lyle S. Hallman Faculty of Social Work


Excellence in Internationalization

Ali Zaidi, associate professor, Department of Global Studies


WLU’s OUSA Award for Excellence in Teaching

Scott Gallimore, assistant professor, Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies


For Laurier’s news release click here.

Photos and Biographies of the Spring Wine & Cheese and Recognition of Retirees/Century Club Inductees 2017

April 24th, 2017

The Spring Wine & Cheese Reception and Recognition of Retirees/Century Club Inductees was very well attended! Michele Kramer, President, presented the Century Club awards and biographies of the retired (retiring) members for this year. Each member received a small gift from WLUFA. Thank you to everyone that helped make it a success.

This year’s Century Club inductees include: Elin Edwards, Kathy Foxall, Helen Ramirez, and Angela Trimarchi.

This year’s retirees are: Judy Bates, David Blenkhorn, Siu-Cheung Chau, Juanne Clarke, Nick Coady, Ross Cressman, Michel Desjardins, Gene Deszca, Marshall Fine, Peter Hatch, Shahnaz Khan, Terry Levesque, Daniel Lichti, Deena Mandell, Janet McLellan, William McTeer, Hugh Munro, Detlev Nitsch, Paul Pulford, Chris Ross, Malcolm Saulis, Carol Stephenson, Eli Teram, Deborah Wills, and Nora Znotinas.

Click on the links to see the photos from the event and the biographies of the retirees on the WLUFA website.



The “Full-Time Faculty and Professional Librarians” turn for collective agreement re-negotiation

March 13th, 2017

The “Full-Time Faculty and Professional Librarians” Collective Agreement is up for re-negotiation this spring, giving us a fresh opportunity to work together to solve our collective problems and secure better working conditions for the members of this bargaining unit. A survey has been distributed by email to these members to start the process of determining goals and priorities. (Let the WLUFA Office know if you haven’t received this email and you believe you should have.)

Thank you to the appointed members of this year’s Negotiating Team:

  • Azim Essaji (Economics – Co-Chair)
  • Andrew Herman (Communication Studies)
  • Joanne Oud (Library)
  • Sheila McKee-Protopapas (Executive Director – Co-Chair)
  • Glenda Wall (Sociology)

They have already begun working on developing proposals to take to the table but look forward to hearing feedback from you!

Tweet and Facebook about contract faculty with the rest of Ontario on March 3rd

March 1st, 2017

On March 3, OCUFA is asking faculty, students, staff, and supporters across Ontario to engage in a day of action on social media to raise awareness about the need for fairness for contract faculty. This initiative is a project of their Contract Faculty and Faculty Complement Committee, and will build on the momentum generated during last fall’s Fair Employment Week.

Throughout the day, university community members are invited to send their Boards of Governors a message about their priorities for the institution, including improved contract faculty working conditions and the quality of education offered to students. To our knowledge, Laurier’s Board of Governors, its chair, and Dr. Blouw do not have Twitter accounts but Laurier does and Board members are bound to notice.

Here are a few sample tweets:

Hey @Laurier BoG: #OurUniversity should be a model employer but #contractfaculty work without job security! #Fairness4CF #CdnPSE

Hey @Laurier BoG: #OurUniversity should be supporting its #contractfaculty #teachers, not just the top tier admin. #Fairness4CF #CdnPSE

Hey @Laurier BoG: #OurUniversity should respect #contractfaculty! Equal pay for equal work. #Fairness4CF #15andFairness

And, a sample Facebook post:

It’s time for fairness for #contractfaculty at @WilfridLaurierUniversity! Contract faculty deserve equal pay for work of equal value, job security, and access to benefits. #OurUniversity #Fairness4CF #CdnPSE

…or post something else you think would be supportive and raise awareness! Below you’ll find some graphics that can be included with your tweets and Facebook posts.

All Ontario universities are invited to participate. If you’d like more information, contact OCUFA’s Engagement and Campaigns Coordinator, Andrea Calver, at [email protected], or Communications Lead, Ben Lewis, at [email protected].

Others who want to join in should make sure they use the hashtags #OurUniversity or #OurCollege, and #Fairness4CF.


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