Why Do We Need Conciliation? A Strategic Analysis As pointed out in a previous newsletter, requesting conciliation has been a common practice for WLUFA negotiating teams in many negotiations in the past and, historically, conciliation has been necessary in order to reach a tentative agreement. Conciliation may be requested at any time during negotiations by […]

The Budget “Crisis”

Budgets are like weather forecasts: both are just estimates or guesses about what may happen in the future. In contrast, financial statements are like actual observed weather, the real experienced weather of the day. Keeping in mind, the analogy to budgets and financial statements, let’s take a look at the following weather forecasts and actual […]

CAUT PowerPoint presentations

Greetings, As promised at CAUT Council, I am sending the first of several PowerPoint presentations that we hope will be helpful in discussions with your members. The attached presentation presents key concerns with Google contracts to take over the university or college’s email service. The essential elements of all Google contracts are the same, regardless […]

Fall 2011 ON Economic Statement

Dear OCUFA Board members, Faculty Association Presidents and Executive Assistants, As you are aware, yesterday Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan delivered his Fall 2011 ON Economic Statement – summary Please find attached a summary of what he said which may bear on financing for post-secondary education in Ontario. Regards, Russell Russell Janzen, Senior Research Analyst […]


BARGAINING PROGRESS: Since the last bargaining update, your WLUFA bargaining team for the renewal of the Collective Agreement for Full-time Faculty and Professional Librarians has presented all of our proposals for the articles that we determined to open for these negotiations. Our presentations have also included all monetary proposals, both for Compensation (Article 30) and […]

OCUFA Update

Dear colleagues: A number of faculty associations are hearing from university administrators that the Ontario government is set to embark on a significant “reform” of the higher education sector – therefore institutions need to be pro-active and position themselves to take advantage of anticipated government directions. And it would appear that some administrations are using […]

Our campaign to stop Bill 18

Greetings All: Our campaign to stop Bill 18 has received tremendous support over the last two days.  By 10:00 am today our Facebook campaign has sent over 1,000 letters to Minister Yamamoto urging her not to pass the offensive legislation that her government has tabled.  Bill 18 will restrict the rights of local faculty association […]

How We Compare

Unlike the last time we were in negotiations in 2008, when Laurier faculty salaries were 16th out of 16 reporting universities, we are no longer “running in last place” (WLUFA Newsletter 6 October 2008). Today we stand at 14 out of 16. We are above Nipissing and UOIT. We are above two universities with which […]

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