Our campaign to stop Bill 18

Greetings All:

Our campaign to stop Bill 18 has received tremendous support over the last two days.  By 10:00 am today our Facebook campaign has sent over 1,000 letters to Minister Yamamoto urging her not to pass the offensive legislation that her government has tabled.  Bill 18 will restrict the rights of local faculty association reps to stand for elected faculty positions on university and college Boards.  This is an impressive level of support and one that FPSE is extremely grateful to all CAUT affiliates for showing their support.  I have been contacted by many faculty association representatives from across Canada expressing their solidarity for our campaign, a message that I find extremely heartening to hear from so many of you.  We know that despite plans to have the Bill go forward to 2nd reading yesterday, that never happened.  As well, we know plans to have it discussed today have also been shelved.  Those delays no doubt reflect the level of support generated by this campaign and I’m appealing to all CAUT affiliates to continue their individual efforts to spread the word about our campaign to their members.  I have included the link to the Facebook campaign in this alert and urge you to once again rally your members to send a message to Minister Yamamoto.



Cindy Oliver, President

Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC

400- 550 West 6th Avenue

Vancouver, BC  V5Z 1A1


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