On behalf of the Nominations and Elections Committee

We had a very successful voter turn out and wish to thank all those who supported WLUFA. We are pleased to announce your Executive Committee Members for 2011/12:

Carolyn Arnason – Full-time (Faculty of Music)

Robert Basso – Full-time (Faculty of Social Work)

Pam Bryden – Full-time (Faculty of Science)

Jim Gerlach – CAS (Faculty of Science)

Angele Hamel – Full-time (Faculty of Science)

Helen Ramirez – CAS (Faculty of Arts)

William Salatka -Full-time (SBE)

Gary Warrick – Full-time (Brantford)

Stephen Wenn – Full-time (Faculty of Science)

As elected previously Judy Bates is WLUFA’s President – Full-time (Faculty of Arts) and therefore Mike Skelton will remain Past President – CAS (Library)

Congratulations to All!!

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