HEQCO performance indicators

Dear Colleagues; In a paper released today, the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) reviews the performance of Ontario’s postsecondary education system in terms of access, quality, productivity, and social impact. It confirms what Ontario’s professors and academic librarians have known for years – our universities are efficient, productive, and accessible (though more work […]

Strategic Mandate Agreements

Dear Colleagues; Today, the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario released the recommendations of its “expert panel” convened to review the Strategic Mandate Agreements (SMAs) submitted by each university and college in Ontario. Overall, the panel recommends that the Government of Ontario take a more directive, interventionist role to drive greater differentiation and competition within […]

Trends in Higher Education series

Dear Colleagues;Today, OCUFA released a research paper examining recent proposals around increasing university productivity as part of its Trends in Higher Education series. The paper finds that the current discussion in Ontario is plagued by unclear definitions, problematic assumptions, and troubling policy ideas. Reviewing the available evidence, the paper argues that: The discussion in Ontario […]

WLUFA Advocate

Dear Colleagues, As we head into the ‘home stretch’ of the semester, the fourth and final issue of WLUFA advocate is out (see below). According to the CAUT’s national committee on Contract Academic Staff (CAS), Laurier is now in the top six universities “having the largest number of Contract Academic Staff” – we now employ […]

A new tuition framework for Ontario’s higher education institutions

Dear Colleagues: Today, Minister of Training, Colleges, and Universities Brad Duguid announced a new tuition framework for Ontario’s higher education institutions. The new policy caps yearly increases for undergraduates at 3 per cent (down from 5 per cent under the previous framework, while graduate and professional fees will increase by 5 per cent (down from […]

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