Ontario Universities and Colleges Coalition Issues Press Release vs Performance-Based Funding

The OUCC, which represents over 435,000 Ontario PSE faculty, staff and students, recently issued a press release in opposition to the Ford government’s performance-based funding model for PSE. Among the criticisms laid out in the press release are that not only has the government failed to lay out clearly how a number of the metrics are to […]

Inequity in PSE to Be the Inevitable By-product of Ontario Gov’t Performance-Based Funding

  Various stakeholders in post-secondary education have issued strong statements against the Ford Government’s funding model for PSE. At the centre of the statements is a deep concern for the ways in which the funding model will entrench inequity into the PSE system itself. A statement from the Ontario Universities and College Coalition warns that “Without […]

Of Interest: Inside Higher Ed: Professionals Take a Stand Against Student Evaluations

Excerpt from Colleen Flaherty’s article: ‘…”a growing body of evidence suggests that their use in personnel decisions is problematic.” The statement cites more than a dozen studies finding that students’ evaluations are weakly related to other measures of teaching effectiveness, used in statistically problematic ways and can be influenced by factors such as times of day and class size. […]

OCUFA estimates Ford’s “performance” funding could cut university budgets by over $500 million dollars

From OCUFA Report: Toronto, Sep. 4, 2019 – Ontario faculty are warning that the Ford government’s so called “performance” funding model for postsecondary education is reckless, ineffective, and dangerous. The new funding model will link 60 per cent of government funding for universities ($2.2 billion dollars) to an arbitrary set of metrics chosen with no […]

OCUFA Calls for the Dismantling of HEQCO in the Wake of Senior Leadership Resignations

OCUFA: Without a president, a mandate, or the trust of sector stakeholders, now is the time to shut down HEQCO Toronto, Aug. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The senior leadership of the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) today announced that it was resigning, including President Harvey Weingarten. HEQCO has been the chief advisor […]

WLUFA Response to Laurier Budget 2020-2021

  A Skunkweed By Any Other Name: WLUFA responds to “Empowering Change: Budget 2020/ 2021” Losing your job is devastating, not empowering. Universities have been placed in an impossible position by the Ford government’s predations. We know that. But President MacLatchy’s message is an effort to turn the murder of the university into a suicide. […]

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