Bill 124 and You: A summary report from WLUFA President, David Monod

  Dear colleagues, I wanted to update you on WLUFA’s engagement with the provincial government and how the recently proposed legislation will affect you.  I’m afraid the news is bad. I’ve sent out a few notes already on our “consultations” with the Ford government: the February consultation on “double dipping”, the May consultation on salary increases […]

Ottawa Sun: Contract faculty at colleges and universities will be hit hard by government’s proposed wage caps, say unions, say

by Jacquie Miller At Ontario’s universities, the army of contract teaching staff will be hurt the most by the province’s plan to restrict wage increases for the public sector, says a spokesperson for faculty unions. The legislation introduced by the Ontario government would prevent unions from bargaining to improve wages for staff at the bottom […]

Athabasca University Faculty Association Wins Important Arbitration for Precarious Faculty

From AUFA’s Blog: Earlier this month, AUFA successfully concluded a long-standing grievance about the mis-use of term staff in the MAIS program. The crux of the grievance was that AU had improperly used or extended limited-term appointments under Article 5 of the collective agreement. The effect of this behaviour was to make the employment of […]

Doug Ford’s War on the Universities: article by Sandford Borins

“If the government’s policies undermine research at Ontario universities, some of the strongest researchers will leave for other places. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s administration (2011 to 2019) froze tuition, cut university funding, and changed the state university’s mission statement from emphasizing “the search for truth” to “meet[ing] the state’s workforce needs.” Faculty departures irreparably damaged […]

Province Looks to Interfere in Collective Bargaining for PSE: WLUFA President’s Report

The following is released on behalf of David Monod, WLUFA President Dear Colleagues, On 3 May 2019 Azim Essaji and I participated in consultations with the provincial government on a mandatory cap on salary increases for public sector employees.  The government is organizing these consultations by area and our meeting involved unions in post-secondary education.  […]

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