Inequity in PSE to Be the Inevitable By-product of Ontario Gov’t Performance-Based Funding


Various stakeholders in post-secondary education have issued strong statements against the Ford Government’s funding model for PSE. At the centre of the statements is a deep concern for the ways in which the funding model will entrench inequity into the PSE system itself.

A statement from the Ontario Universities and College Coalition warns that “Without any consultation with sector stakeholders, this government is ignoring sound public policy and imposing its own reckless ideological framework on Ontario’s postsecondary education system. The results will be devastating.” Read the entire statement here.

The statement issued by OCUFA’s Status of Women and Equity Committee echoes OUCC’s concerns, but also goes further by providing a fairly detailed look into the specifics (and the specific flaws) of a number of the metrics that will be used in order to assess per-institution funding. Read their statement here.


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