OCUFA is now calling for nominations


OCUFA (The Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations) is now calling for nominations for the 41st Teaching and Academic Librarianship Awards. Please find the following links for both Teaching and Librarianship Awards in English and French. Please help to distribute as widely as possible.

Librarian Package (EN) https://anchor.horn-it.com:510/shares/file/c0f4933b1724a0/


Librarian Package (FR) https://anchor.horn-it.com:510/shares/file/bdbaba6a6f0f83/


Teaching Package (EN) https://anchor.horn-it.com:510/shares/file/b96028c36817b3/


Teaching Package (FR) https://anchor.horn-it.com:510/shares/file/e41a17d6ddfdf8/






Deadline for receipt of nominations: May 23, 2014



  • Each year OCUFA recognizes outstanding teachers and academic librarians in Ontario universities through its Teaching and Academic Librarianship Awards.
  • Since 1973 OCUFA has presented 383 awards.
  • The recipients are selected by the OCUFA Teaching and Academic Librarianship Awards Committee.
  • Approximately 7 awards are presented.



  • Teaching, in the context of the OCUFA awards, embraces virtually all levels of instruction – graduate and undergraduate teaching, continuing education and faculty development. Similarly, proficiency in teaching may extend well beyond the    classroom, the laboratory or the faculty member’s office. Activities such as course design, curriculum development, organization of teaching programs and other significant forms of leadership are often important contributions to the instructional process. Those who excel in any of these are eligible for the OCUFA Teaching Awards.
  • Academic librarianship, in the context of the OCUFA Awards, embraces all aspects of librarianship that contribute to the scholarly achievement of all members of the university community. Activities such as development and delivery of services, provision of educational materials, collection development and management and other contributions to academic librarianship are important to the intellectual functioning of the university. Those who excel in any of these are eligible for an OCUFA Academic Librarianship Award.




  • Nominations are invited from individuals, informal groups of faculty or students, or both, and such organizations as local faculty associations, faculty or college councils, university committees concerned with teaching and learning, librarians, local student councils, departments, alumni, etc.
  • Guidelines to assist in organizing a nomination should be consulted by prospective nominators and are available on request from your Faculty Association Office, the Provincial Office of OCUFA, or the OCUFA website (www.ocufa.on.ca).
  • Nominations should include a covering nomination form (appended to Guidelines for OCUFA Teaching Award Nominations and Guidelines for OCUFA Academic Librarianship Award Nominations), a nominator’s brief, and sufficient evidence, from as many sources as possible, to make it clear that outstanding work deserving of  recognition has been done.



  • Deadline for receipt of nominations: May 23, 2014
  • We request that all submissions be uploaded onto OCUFA’s secured online submission system as a single PDF file at http://ocufa.on.ca/?p=3991
  • Inquiries to: 416-979-2117




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