OCUFA government and community relations and engagement and campaigns coordinator job postings — for distribution

Hi all:   Attached are the OCUFA job postings for a government and community relations position Policy Officer 1 (Government and Community Relations) Posting – June 2014 and an engagement and campaigns coordinator position Policy Officer 2 (Engagement and Campaigns Coordinator) – June 2014, with responsibility for mobilization, member engagement and campaigns. The job descriptions […]

From: Chantal Sundaram [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: July 14, 2014 5:04 PM To: CAUT Defence Fund Associations Subject: CAUT Defence Fund President position / Poste de Président/Présidente de la société, Caisse de défense de l’ACPPU Importance: High   Dear Member Unions and Trustees,   I am writing to inform you that the position of President of the […]

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