Did you know…

Good afternoon, Did you know that you must apply for courses posted for Spring/Intersession/Summer if you did NOT indicate on your roster application that you wanted to teach during the spring term? Did you know that you should include a teaching dossier and other relevant information with your application? To avoid having to apply for courses individually for the spring term, you should […]

Did you know….

Good Afternoon, Did you know that you are entitled to $50 if you are required to mark a deferred exam or reassess an assignment, examination or final grade after your contract for the term ends? Did you know that to insure receiving your remuneration you should, after submitting the revised grade online, notify the administrative […]

2016 Ontario Budget

Dear Colleagues; As you know, the 2016 Ontario Budget was released today. The big item for higher education is a new grant program targeted towards low-income students, replacing the 30% Tuition Grant and Ontario Tuition Tax Credits. We have not fully run the figures yet, but this budget continues the downward trend in per-student funding. […]

Nominations for the 2015-16 OCUFA Service Award – due April 4, 2016 –Second Notice

Dear Colleagues: The OCUFA Service Award was established five years ago to honour individuals who have done, or continue to do, exceptional work on behalf of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations and its Members. Up to six awards may be given each year and are presented during OCUFA’s Annual General Meeting,  which will be […]

2016 Worldviews Annual Lecture on Media and Higher Education — University of Toronto

Dear Colleagues: The second annual Worldviews Lecture on Media and Higher Education will feature Rajani Naidoo, Chair in Higher Education Management and Director of the International Centre for Higher Education Management at the University of Bath. Professor Naidoo will deliver a lecture titled, “Beyond the Competition Fetish: Higher Education for Global Wellbeing.” The lecture will […]

CAUT Statement Regarding the 2016/2017 Federal Budget / Déclaration de l’ACPPU concernant le budget fédéral de 2016-2017

February / Février 2016 Investing in Canada’s Knowledge Infrastructure CAUT Statement Regarding the 2016/2017 Federal Budget After years of austerity measures and attacks against science and scientists, Canada needs a new vision to get science right and improve accessibility and quality of post-secondary education. In its 2016-2017 pre-budget submission, CAUT recommends the federal government invest […]

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