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Sociology Students’ Association support Contract Faculty in their letter to the Governance Review Panel

Artistic photo of a pen on a hand-written letter.
Writing by Jonathan Reyes via Flickr.

The Laurier Sociology Students’ Association sent a letter to the members of the Governance Review Panel which, among other points, commented on the role of contract faculty in Laurier’s governance.

“The contract faculty are valued equally in comparison to faculty professors to students, and should be valued thusly by the university as well. This means that a stronger presence within the university governance is only the first step. The gap in pay, benefits, and job security need to be drastically improved. The dedication, hard work, and qualifications of CAS need to be recognized by the governing bodies at Laurier. There are world-class educators at this university, all of whom should be treated fairly.”

Read more in their Letter to the Governance Review Panel.

Thanks, Sociology students!

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