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Contract Faculty: Please volunteer for some important committees!

[Posted on behalf of Kimberly Ellis-Hale, WLUFA Communications Committee Chair.]

Although a strike is always the last option for a collective agreement negotiation, it’s better to be prepared for the worst than have to do a great deal of work at the last moment.

The following committees each require a Waterloo and a Brantford chair as well as volunteers that are willing to take on one of the committee’s work. Please take a look and let Kimberly Ellis-Hale (via email to [email protected]) know if you are interested in volunteering for one (or more) of the committees listed below. In addition, let Kimberly know if you are willing to act as a Chair for any committee, or if you would prefer to remain a volunteer member.

  • Finance Committee: Assists with the incoming and outgoing flow of strike funds;
  • Strike Services Committee: Provides all required services for running the strike, including set-up of strike headquarters & materials for picket lines such as signs, cell phones and refreshments;
  • Communications Committee: Develops communications strategy/manages all aspects of communication during strike, including website, strike newsletters, handouts for the picket lines, and press releases; and
  • Picket Line Committee: Identifies locations of picket lines, appoints picket captains, organizes schedules, arranges training for picket captains & picketers, monitors picket lines to ensure proper discipline, reviews daily incident reports from the picket lines and takes appropriate actions

The stronger and more organized our preparation for job action is, the more successful we will be, whatever happens.

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