Ontario government updates framework governing compensation of university executives

Dear Colleagues:


We have just posted an update on changes to the Ontario Government’s Executive Compensation Framework – the regulation under which compensation is determined for presidents and executive members in the broader public sector, including universities.


This regulation was updated largely in response to the controversy of this past January when it was revealed that colleges proposed they be able to increases their presidents’ salaries by an average of 32% (in many cases by almost $100,000).


As part of the Framework, university boards of governors are required to post their proposed executive compensation policies on their websites for public feedback. It is important that faculty associations actively engage in responding to these documents once they are posted. In order to have their compensation programs approved, university administrations are required to collect and submit to the government a summary of the feedback they have received and what, if anything, they have done to address that feedback.


As far as we are aware, the University of Windsor is the only university to post their proposal online to date, but if your university has publicized a similar document, please send a link or pdf of the document to [email protected].







Ben Lewis

Communications Lead

Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations

416-979-2117 x232



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