$15 and Fairness Update

The fight for $15 and Fairness is far from over. Next week the clause-by-clause review begins and your support is needed now more than ever. Please contact your MPP and express your support for Bill 148 and the amendments that will radically improve the work life of your Contract Faculty colleagues.


In September, the $15 & Fairness campaign is planning a provincial campus assembly in Toronto (Friday, September 15th and a half day on Saturday, September 16th). It would be great if you could attend!


The goals for the assembly are to get organized on university and college campuses, build skills and knowledge among activists, and expand our audience to get new people involved.


In particular, there will be a couple of sessions about fairness for Contract Faculty, including an opportunity to plan for Fair Employment Week this fall. It will also be a great way to connect with students, contract faculty from other campuses, college faculty, and other university workers.


If you are able to make it you can register here. Registration fees will be on a sliding scale.


The assembly comes at a crucial time because Bill 148 will be considered in the legislature this fall. I hope you can join us, and if you have any questions let me know. I have also attached (see below)  a poster for the event.


Thank you,

Kimberly Ellis-Hale

[email protected]

CF Liaison-Waterloo WLUFA

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