OCUFA Budget 2019 review-follow up

Sent on behalf of OCUFA Executive Director, Michael Conlon:


Dear colleagues,


Following our review of the budget document on Friday, we have been further looking into the details of the different provisions and changes in the Ontario budget bill. We have identified a new amendment to the Ministry of Training, Education and Universities Act in the budget bill which proposes the addition of a new and problematic section to the Act, allowing the Minister to make regulations governing the “reduction, limitation and alteration of compensation due to certain individuals” – these individuals being defined as employees older than 65 who are eligible to collect a pension.


This is of course in line with what we had heard from the Ministry in February regarding their interest in a policy that would address the matter of individuals working past the age 65 and collecting pension while employed. While the language in the budget document itself is pretty vague on the government’s plan, the budget bill (the extended piece of legislation) includes more detailed language.


We have attached the proposed language of the bill to this email for your information (www.ocufa.on.caBudget bill- MTCU act). OCUFA is currently actively working with different partners and seeking legal opinion on how best to respond to this new provision. We will keep you all updated as more information becomes available to us.




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