CAUT Dedicated Service Award

Memorandum 19:27


Date:  September 3, 2019


To:  Presidents and Administrative Officers; Local, Federated and Provincial Associations


From:  David Robinson, Executive Director


Re:  CAUT Dedicated Service Award


The CAUT Dedicated Service Award was established to recognize exceptional service provided by individuals at the local or provincial level. This award is granted by CAUT upon receipt of a recommendation from a local, provincial or federated association.


Decisions about recipients, including the criteria for receiving the award, are made by the member association.  The expectation is that individuals who are recommended for the award will be those who have been particularly dedicated members of the association and have served it with distinction.


Recipients of the award will:


  1. a)       Receive a certificate of recognition from CAUT, which will be provided to the association for presentation to the recipient; and


  1. b)       Have their name listed in the CAUT Bulletin, put on the CAUT website and announced at the next CAUT Council meeting.


If your association would like to recommend one or more members to receive the CAUT Dedicated Service Award, please complete the Dedicated Service Award nomination form available on the CAUT website.


For further information regarding the award, please direct inquiries to Margaret McGovern-Potié at [email protected] or 613-726-5199.




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