Support for striking teachers, Feb. 21

The following is sent on behalf of David Monod, WLUFA President

Dear colleagues,

As you have doubtless heard, all four public school teachers’ unions in Ontario will be on strike this Friday, February 21.  This is the biggest job action Ontario teachers have taken since their current labour dispute with the province began—and indeed since 1997.  There will also be a massive demonstration outside the Conservative Party Convention in Niagara Falls on Saturday and local actions across the province, including a family-friendly march in Kitchener on Friday, starting at the Victoria Park Clock Tower at 11:30 and ending in a rally at Kitchener City Hallfrom 12 to 1 p.m.    

University educators are being encouraged by OCUFA to join the teachers in solidarity on Friday (see OCUFA’s call to action below).  Many of us already have been supporting the teachers, and we share their interest in quality, accessible public education and respect for the important work that educators do.

In light of this, on Friday, members of the faculty associations at University of Waterloo, St. Jerome’s University, and Wilfrid Laurier University will be forming a faculty solidarity contingent at the march and rally.  If you are able to attend the rally in support, look for the turquoise OCUFA signs or text (647) 385-3737.

A large group of faculty will not only bolster the teachers’ spirits but also emphasize publicly that the teachers are fighting for something far bigger than their own classrooms.  

We hope you will join us on Friday in support of Ontario teachers and public education in this province.  

best regard,


David Monod


Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association

Join a picket line to show your solidarity with Ontario educators during their one-day province-wide strike

February 18, 2020

On Friday, February 21, Ontario’s four public school teachers’ unions will hold a province-wide strike to escalate pressure on the Ford government to come back to the bargaining table. This is the first time since 1997 that all four education unions will be on strike on the same day.

The one-day strike will highlight educators’ demands that the government reverse its plans to cut education funding, increase class sizes, and introduce mandatory e-learning.

The Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens, Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation, and Ontario Elementary Catholic Teachers Federation are asking the Ford government to preserve the quality and accessibility of Ontario’s public education system.

Picket lines will be set up at public elementary and secondary schools across Ontario and all university faculty, academic librarians, and other academic professional staff are encouraged to join a picket line and show their solidarity.

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