CF Special Payment for Fall 2020


You recently received an announcement about a special payment of $1000 for Contract Faculty who are teaching remotely in Fall term and who enroll in the Course (Re)design Modules offered by Teaching and Learning Services.

WLUFA was able to obtain clarification from the Administration that:

·       The Administration will accept completion of either the Course (Re)design Modules or the Remote Instruction Modules as qualification for the $1000 payment. Both are available on MYLS and will remain so.

·       Contract Faculty who have already completed the Spring term Remote Instruction Modules on MYLS, but who did not apply for the payment in the Spring term, may request the $1000 if they are teaching in the Fall.  They do not need to complete any further training.

·       Contract Faculty who received the Spring/Summer Special Payment are not eligible for the Fall payment.

·       Only Contract Faculty teaching at least one remote course in the Fall term qualify for the Special Payment.  Those teaching exclusively Online (OC) or in-person courses do not qualify.

Descriptions of both the Remote Instruction Modules and the Remote Re(Design) Modules can be found on the Webinars and Support page of the Teaching and Learning Services resource:

If you have any further questions, contact the WLUFA Office.

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