Professional Development Fund

WLUFA would like to draw your attention to the Professional Development Fund for Contract Faculty under Article 28.8 of the Collective Agreement.

28.8.1 Effective September 1 and February 1 of each contract year, a fund of $30,000 shall be made available to assist CTF and Librarian Members with the cost of scholarship, research, pedagogical development and creative activities related to a Member’s responsibilities under Articles 16 or 17, as appropriate. The total annual fund shall be $60,000 and unused funds will carry over to the next term, subject to 28.8.2. Funds will be available for expenses including, but not limited to, travel to scholarly or pedagogical conferences, for the employment of research assistants, and for other costs directly related to a Member’s duties under Article 16 and 17, as appropriate.

It is WLUFA’s position that items necessary to teach remotely would fall under the bolded language. While there is a limit to the funds available, according to Faculty Relations, there is still money left in the fund right now, and it will be topped up again on September 1.

We encourage you to apply for funds to cover the cost of materials you may need in order to teach remotely. Here is a link to the Collective Agreement where you will find the language of the article.

Here is a link to the web page where you will find information about the fund and the application form.

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