Update on the Canada Christian College (CCC)

Sent on behalf of OCUFA Executive Director Jenny Anh Dear Colleagues,   We wanted to provide you with an update regarding the status of Bill 213 and the provision to grant the Canada Christian College university status (schedule 2 of the bill).  On Monday, the official opposition moved a motion in the Legislature condemning the hateful views of Charles McVety and calling on the […]

Applications for OCUFA’s Henry Mandelbaum Graduate Fellowship Now Open

Dear Board Directors and Presidents, We are pleased to announce this year’s application portal for the Henry Mandelbaum Graduate Fellowship for Excellence in Social Sciences, Humanities, or Arts is now open. Please note that the deadline for applications is March 5, 2021. The application guidelines are available here, and applications must be submitted online. OCUFA can […]

2018-2019 Financial Information of Universities & 2019-20 University Academic Staff Salary Data available / Disponibilité de l’information financière des universités pour 2018-2019 et des données sur les salaires des professeurs d’université pour 2…

** La  version  française suit **  Memorandum 20:71  Date:  November 13, 2020  To:  Presidents and Administrative Officers; Local and Federated Associations  From:  David Robinson, Executive Director  Re:  2018-2019 Financial Information of Universities & 2019-2020 University Academic Staff Salary Data available  Financial Information of Universities  As mentioned in the October 9th Memorandum 20:54, the 2018-2019 Financial Information of Universities is now available. As […]

CAUT Committee Vacancies / Postes vacants aux comités de l’ACPPU

** La  version  française suit ** Memorandum 20:72 Date:  November 16, 2020 To:  Presidents of Local, Federated and Provincial Associations; CAUT Executive Committee From:  Brenda Austin-Smith, President; Peter McInnis, Vice-President; James Compton, Past President; David Robinson, Executive Director Re:  CAUT Committee Vacancies We are asking member associations for assistance in identifying potential members for CAUT’s standing committees. We welcome names […]

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