WLUFA Members Complete Organizing for Power Training

WLUFA congratulates its members who recently graduated from “Organizing for Power: The Core Fundamentals,” an international training program offered through the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung  and developed by well-known union activist Jane McAlevey, currently Senior Policy Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Labor Center. The following members participated in the training:

  • Kimberly Ellis-Hale
  • Brent Hagerman
  • Michele Kramer
  • Rob Kristofferson
  • Karen Lochead
  • Marcia Oliver
  • Marybeth White

Organizing for Power (O4P) is an invaluable educational program to train organizers across the world. The program’s focus is on building supermajority participation in structure-based organizing environments, primarily trade unions. Though it is open to all serious organizers, O4P is intended specially for those seeking to win the toughest battles by building high participation unions and other structure-based organizing groups, such as tenant unions, led by actively engaged super majorities. From https://rosalux-geneva.org/events/organizing-for-power-workers-rising-everywhere/

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