A Good War – Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency

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    This September, former CCPA–BC director Seth Klein will be virtually touring his new book on how to mobilize Canada for the climate emergency. It’s called A Good War and it could not come out at a more important moment.

    In the book, Seth explores how we can align our politics and economy with what the science says we must do to address the climate crisis. But he brings an original and uniquely hopeful take to this challenge, based on lessons we can draw from the Second World War, when Canada faced a similarly existential threat.

    According to Seth, Canada’s wartime experience provides an inspirational reminder that we have done this before. We have mobilized in common cause across class, race and gender, and entirely retooled our economy in the space of a few short years

    Tour Dates

    To register for a virtual book launch date near you, click on any of the following dates. If you live outside of these provinces or can’t make the date in your province, don’t worry—either pick another date that works for you or you can watch the recording of the event later.

    British Columbia, Monday, Sept. 14 (with musical guests Khari McClelland & Dan Mangan)
    Ontario, Monday, Sept. 21(with musical guest Sarah Harmer)
    Nova Scotia, Thursday, Sept. 24 (with musical guest Joel Plaskett)
    Manitoba, Tuesday, Sept. 29 (with musical guest Decades After Paris)
    Saskatchewan, Wednesday, Sept. 30 (with musical guest Eliza Mary Doyle)
    Alberta, Monday, Oct. 5 (with musical guest Gerald Wheatley and the Arusha Centre House Band)

    Seth’s book launch is co-sponsored by the CCPA, the Corporate Mapping Project, ECW Press, the David Suzuki Foundation, the Climate Action Network, 350.org, the Council of Canadians, and many other local sponsors in each province.

    As a final note, you can find an excerpt from A Good War in the September/October issue of the CCPA Monitor, which we just published online today—download it here.

    In solidarity and gratitude,

    Erika Shaker


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