WLUFA COVID-19 Remote Work Survey

Faculty are Working More: Winter and Sprummer Member Survey Results

Over the last few months, WLUFA conducted three surveys to gather data on members’ experiences transitioning to remote work for the completion of the Winter semester, and their research and teaching experiences during Sprummer.

The results have enabled WLUFA to advocate for members more effectively in its negotiations with Administration. Negotiations have resulted in a number of LOUs addressing faculty concerns regarding the Winter Term’s transition to emergency remote teaching and the Sprummer/Fall Terms’ continuation of emergency remote teaching and the pandemic’s effects on research and tenure.

Among the key findings:

· 82% of participants reported additional work with an average of 6.3 additional hours per week on course preparation and 4.5 additional hours per week in communication (with students and colleagues)

· Participants who identified as racialized and/or as women reported spending more time working than their non-racialized and male counterparts

· Participants also reported an average of 6.7 hours spent learning new software and technology troubleshooting

· Participants with a disability reported the highest number of additional hours spent learning new software and technology troubleshooting

· All this additional work is particularly problematic for contract faculty who perform this labour with little recognition or additional compensation (apart from a one-time payment conditional on additional training of $1000)

· 52.6% of participants reported a moderate negative change in well-being, with 22% reporting a significant negative change in well-being

· Among participants who reported a negative change in well-being, issues of care work and familial responsibilities were cited most often in written responses

For those interested in more detailed findings, survey results can be found here: 

Appendix I Result Summary of First Survey

Appendix II Result Summary of Follow Up Research Survey 

Appendix III Result Summary of Follow Up Teaching Survey 

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the surveys.

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