News Update on Ontario’s Wage Restraint Legislation

The following has been posted on behalf of Judy Bates, President:

The Liberal Government’s wage freeze bill for the broader public sector ‘Protecting Public Services Act 2012’ which applies to the University sector was tabled at Queen’s Park yesterday. The legislation calls for two years of zero per cent wage increases for all members of the broader public sector to be applied once the current contracts have expired. The Government has indicated that it will not open existing contracts but the legislation is a clear attack on our constitutional rights to negotiate our conditions of employment with our employers. Members of the Executive will be participating in a conference call tomorrow, Friday September 28th, with the OCUFA Executive and Steven Barrett from Sack Goldblatt Mitchell LLP. The purpose of this discussion is to provide faculty associations across Ontario with an overview and analysis of the proposed legislation and its implications. We will keep you informed.

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