WLUFA Advocate

Dear Colleagues,

In our second issue, two of our colleagues, who were recipients of the OCUFA Teaching Awards this year, offer a synopsis of their approaches to teaching – I hope you find them as illuminating as I did.

We also have the first installment of a two-part feature on ‘bullying and incivility’ in the academy, and two of our regular columnists write on the onerous service workloads of faculty at Brantford and on the situation of contract faculty.

There are contributions on the withdrawal of the CAUT Censure over Balsillie School governance, Laurier’s financial statements, and the rhetorical tactics in debates around the IPRM.

As you know, this is only the second issue of our new regular newsletter, WLUFA advocate, which is part of the process of building our community through dialogue, discussion and debate. With this issue, we realized that we had more (in-depth) contributions than we could possibly include in one issue, but since we are committed to building our community, we are investigating ways of expanding our communications capabilities in the new year.

I want to thank all the contributors and the members of the Communications Committee and Larissa Brocklebank for getting our second issue of WLUFA advocate out to you. It is available online as a pdf, but the print copy will be in your letterbox shortly. When you are finished with the print copy, please pass it on to other members of the university community.

On behalf of the Communications Committee, I wish you a relaxing break and a happy holidays!!

Herbert Pimlott


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