“Dale Askey” support statement from Librarians-In-Council

Laurier Librarians of WLUFA support the right of professional librarians to communicate well-founded assessments regarding resources and providers.  Librarians play a key role in contributing judgments on resources in aid of collection development.  These opinions fall under the principle of academic freedom.  Without the freedom to openly discuss and share opinions about academic information products, our faculty, students and staff would not have access to the best material that our institutional funds can provide.  The professional opinion of academic librarians is essential.

In light of this, Laurier Librarians of WLUFA urge Edwin Mellen Press to drop any remaining suits, as OCUL, CLA, ACRL, and many individual libraries have done already.  We hope others in the publishing community will show their support as well, as the AAUP and ACUP/APUC have done.

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