OCUFA SMA analysis

Hello all Faculty Association Presidents and Board Directors:

Find attached a copy of OCUFA’s analysis (7)c)i) OCUFA Policy Statement on Differentiation 20140216 and 7)d) Analysis of SMA documents – October 2014) of the Strategic Mandate Agreements (SMAs), which was distributed at the October 25-26 board meeting. It is also accompanied by OCUFA’s May 2014 policy statement on differentiation.

We encourage each faculty association to take a look at their own institution’s SMA and to be in touch with Russell Janzen ([email protected]) about any concerns that it may raise.


Brynne Sinclair-Waters
Policy Analyst, Community and Government Relations
Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA)
Telephone: 416 979 2117 x230
Email: [email protected]


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