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Dear colleagues;


As you may have seen, OCUFA launched the We Teach Ontario campaign yesterday. The goal of this initiative is to highlight both the important work done by contract faculty, and the challenges they face. We’ve had some good pick-up online and in the media, but we’re hoping you can help us push it to the next level


The central component of the campaign are profiles completed by contract faculty, which are then converted into shareable cards on the website. So, in order to be successful, we need to get a lot of these profiles submitted. If possible, it would be great if each of you could use you channels to spread the word, and help direct contract faculty towards the site. If you belong to an association that includes contract faculty, it would be particularly useful if you could send the information to any email lists you keep of contract faculty. I’ve compiled some resources here that you might find useful in compiling your own communications:






OCUFA launch blog:

OCUFA press release:


The campaign has been featured by several media outlets. Some examples include:


The Toronto Star:

Academica Top 10:

Inside Higher Ed:


Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. And, of course, thank you to everyone who has already tweeted or posted about the campaign.


Many thanks,




Graeme Stewart

Communications Manager

Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations

17 Isabella Street | Toronto, ON | M4Y 1M7
416 979 2117 x232 | [email protected] | @OCUFA |


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