CAS & University Faculty Council (UFC) Meeting on Thursday March 26th

The following is sent on behalf of the WLUFA Communications Committee.

Yesterday an email was sent informing you of a special University Faculty Council (UFC) meeting to be held on Thursday March 26th, 4:30-6:30 in Senate & Board Chamber (Waterloo) and connected by 2-way video link to Research & Academic Centre, RCW-202 (Brantford).

This meeting was requested by 60+ Regular and Contract Faculty to discuss the University’s finances, budgetary decisions, and recent layoffs. While the agenda has not yet officially been set, attendees should be aware they can offer contributions and make motions.

This meeting is of crucial importance to all Contract Faculty from all campuses as our employment is directly threatened by the mass reduction in stipends announced as part of the layoffs. The UFC is the only University body where all Contract Faculty (or Contract Academic Staff) have a direct voice. This is the place where our presence and our vote count!

Our presence, contributions and votes at the UFC meeting will be a valuable demonstration of participation in collegial governance and the democratic process within a public university. It will serve to connect the many valuable contributions we make to the institution with our concern to provide students with the highest quality education possible.

Please make whatever arrangement necessary to attend. Reach out to other CF and encourage their attendance. Remember, each of us has a vote – let’s make sure we use it.

WLUFA Communications Committee

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