Members’ Comments on Layoffs and the Open Letter

When University Presidents craft open letters to their respective University communities two motivations are possible.  First, when a University has something to celebrate, whether it is the accomplishments of its faculty and students or the dedicated work of its staff, its President will sometimes prepare such a letter for mass distribution.  These messages are easy to write.  However, when a University faces a purported challenge, the task is more difficult.  The job of the University President is to lay out the challenge in a clear, transparent fashion, while rallying the community to face the challenge in both a committed and united fashion.  In his attempt to explain announced budget cuts and recent job losses, President Blouw’s letter to the Laurier community, dated March 23rd, fails on both fronts.


One thing we do share with President Blouw is a stated desire to continue Laurier’s established tradition as an attractive, academically challenging institution for young people to grow, mature, and pursue a University education.  However, his letter clearly indicates that we differ on the means to accomplish this goal.


Yesterday WLUFA began providing, and will continue to provide, its membership with rebuttals to many of the issues raised in President Blouw’s letter.  Members have expressed their concern as well.  The links to which are provided on the website: Laurier Layoffs.   We encourage you to continue this conversation by sending us your comments and concerns for posting on WLUFA’s media outlets.  Please send them to [email protected].


Communications Committee


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