Online Learning



This is directed to any Contract Faculty Members who have taught any online learning courses in the recent past. If you have not done any online teaching, please disregard this message.


WLUFA has serious concerns about violations of our Members’ academic freedom rights and we’d like to hear from you if you have encountered problems, particularly if you wanted to make changes to the course materials. We are launching an Association grievance regarding this issue and our case will only be as strong as the evidence we can produce.


Please contact me with any information you wish to provide by Tuesday, June 2nd.


Best regards,





Sheila McKee-Protopapas, MSc

WLUFA Executive Director


Office: R114 – 202 Regina

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 519-884-0710, ext. 2367#

Fax: 519-888-9721


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