WLUFA Members mainly happy that Milton was denied

The results of our informal poll are in and, although no one option broke the 50% mark, over 40% of those answering the poll responded that the failure of Laurier’s proposal to create a new campus in Milton was “Excellent!  Great News!”  Here are the complete results:

Pie chart of the WLUFA poll taken in May & June 2015 about the Milton campus news.

Many Members used the “Other” option to provide comments about this issue, such as:

  • “Great news … except there is another round next year!!”
  • “…Milton is not ready to accommodate a university campus.”
  • “I’m concerned about the fact that if we don’t get it, someone else will, perhaps.”
  • “Laurier is having difficulty supporting the staff it already has, evident by recent layoffs. Why consider expanding when they can’t even look after the main campus!”
  • “I am sad that WLU won’t be expanding and growing in that direction, because I do think it would be good for the university and its reputation. It’s good for universities to grow. Also the idea of a green campus is very interesting and positive.”
  • “Lots of time and money wasted.”
  • “Surprised, but hope the President and administration will now focus their attention on strengthening the academic foundations of their two existing campuses.”
  • “Thank goodness we’re off the hook for a ridiculously expensive proposal.”
  • “The Brantford campus appears to have been a great success for both Laurier and the City of Brantford. It is too bad that we aren’t going to be able to try and recreate that success in Milton.”
  • “I think a Milton campus is a good idea but Laurier doesn’t have the leadership and resources to make the plan happen.”
  • “…to me it was never really clear why upper Admin was so keen on this.”
  • “I think we ought to bring the existing campuses up to the supposed level of excellence that Max is bragging about which we all know doesn’t exist.”
  • “York and Seneca got approved for Markham for a campus that specializes in the social sciences and humanities. WLU is of date with its plan…”
  • “A blow perhaps to the university’s reputation.”

If you’d like to continue this conversation, go to the WLUFA Advocate Blog entry for this topic: “Faculty Discuss the Milton Poll

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