WLUFA Extends Sympathies to the Victims of the Orlando Shootings

On Sunday, June 13th, a gunman opened fire in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, resulting in the death of dozens, with dozens more wounded, the worst mass shooting in US history.

WLUFA extends our sympathies to the survivors, and condolences to the friends and families of all the victims of this horrific incident, and continued support for the LGBTQ community at large as well as within our own membership and the Laurier community.

If there is anything that WLUFA as an organization, our staff, and our executive can do to help in the aftermath of this incident or in general, please let us know.  WLUFA bargaining unit members, both full and part time, have access to counselling services through Laurier, but the Association also takes seriously our role as an advocate within Laurier and in the higher education community and will use that role to improve the treatment of LGBTQ individuals and hopefully make this kind of violence a thing of the past.


WLUFA Executive,

Anne-Marie Allison, Judy Bates, Kari Brozowski, Timothy Donais, Kimberly Ellis-Hale, Azim Essaji, Jim Gerlach, Angele Hamel, Michele Kramer, Rob Kristofferson, Adam Metzler

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