CUPE 926 Needs You This Weekend!

Sent on behalf of Michele Kramer, President WLUFA


Dear Members,


By now, you might be aware that CUPE 926 is in a legal strike position (and will exercise that right) as of 12 am this Sunday. The decision to strike has arisen out of the Administration’s unprecedented decision to impose an Agreement on the members of CUPE 926, rather than continue the mediation process.


CUPE’s first official picket will be held in front of St. Michael’s church (University Ave) on Sunday morning at 8 am. (likely for a few hours but I don’t have this information).


CUPE 926 is not a huge group — and they need every extra supportive body available to help them maintain their picket line. If you’ve got an hour or so that you can give to help out CUPE 926, it would be very much appreciated. CUPE folks have lots of signs for you to borrow!


I will try to find out information about future pickets and keep you posted.


Please — do what you can to help.



Michele Kramer, WLUFA President

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