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Tweet and Facebook about contract faculty with the rest of Ontario on March 3rd

On March 3, OCUFA is asking faculty, students, staff, and supporters across Ontario to engage in a day of action on social media to raise awareness about the need for fairness for contract faculty. This initiative is a project of their Contract Faculty and Faculty Complement Committee, and will build on the momentum generated during last fall’s Fair Employment Week.

Throughout the day, university community members are invited to send their Boards of Governors a message about their priorities for the institution, including improved contract faculty working conditions and the quality of education offered to students. To our knowledge, Laurier’s Board of Governors, its chair, and Dr. Blouw do not have Twitter accounts but Laurier does and Board members are bound to notice.

Here are a few sample tweets:

Hey @Laurier BoG: #OurUniversity should be a model employer but #contractfaculty work without job security! #Fairness4CF #CdnPSE

Hey @Laurier BoG: #OurUniversity should be supporting its #contractfaculty #teachers, not just the top tier admin. #Fairness4CF #CdnPSE

Hey @Laurier BoG: #OurUniversity should respect #contractfaculty! Equal pay for equal work. #Fairness4CF #15andFairness

And, a sample Facebook post:

It’s time for fairness for #contractfaculty at @WilfridLaurierUniversity! Contract faculty deserve equal pay for work of equal value, job security, and access to benefits. #OurUniversity #Fairness4CF #CdnPSE

…or post something else you think would be supportive and raise awareness! Below you’ll find some graphics that can be included with your tweets and Facebook posts.

All Ontario universities are invited to participate. If you’d like more information, contact OCUFA’s Engagement and Campaigns Coordinator, Andrea Calver, at [email protected], or Communications Lead, Ben Lewis, at [email protected].

Others who want to join in should make sure they use the hashtags #OurUniversity or #OurCollege, and #Fairness4CF.


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